Electronic Assisted Living Technologies Project

Grandparents Plus is part of a successful partnership that has secured project funding from the Government Technology Strategy Board Assisted Living Innovation Platform, to support the development of a consumer market for assisted living technologies for ‘young’ older people; i.e. those people who are approaching retirement and older age (50 to 69 years old).

Electronic assisted living technologies are defined as any object that is powered by electricity that enables us to remain independent for longer, such as a mobility scooter, electronic pill dispenser, heart monitor, electric tin-opener, etc.

The project, entitled CO-MODAL,  aims at creating a consumer market for assisted living technologies. At the moment, products are not designed with the consumer in mind: they are often ugly, not fit for purpose, too medicalised.  Consumers today want something that will really help them, look good and be reliable.  However industry are not currently responding to these needs. The project aims at bridging the gap between what consumers want and what can industry deliver.

The project has already led an extensive street survey, a literature review, a product review and industry and consumer focus groups. More will be delivered until the end of December 2013 when the project will terminate. The last phase of the work will focus on disseminating and exploiting the findings of the work and ultimately make sure industry responds to the needs of consumers.


The project lead is Health Design and Technology Institute in Coventry and the project partner are Age UK and Grandparents Plus. The project has wider industry involvement through Years Ahead, Heritage Bathrooms, Lloyds Pharmacy and SEHTA (South East Health Technologies Alliance). In addition, Telefonica O2 contributes through an Industry Steering Group.

For more information get in touch with Grandparents Plus Policy Officer, Agnes Gautier at agnes.gautier@grandparentsplus.org.uk