Help keep families together

We rely on our supporters to help us reach more grandparents and family carers who are raising children who would otherwise be in the care system.  They have experienced parental drug or alcohol misuse, abuse or neglect, imprisonment, disability or mental ill health, domestic violence or bereavement.

By making a regular donation to us you will help us to keep families together by providing a peer to peer befriending network and an advice and information service for family carers in this situation.

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Real Stories: Tony and Christine

This is the story of Tony and his wife Christine who have been raising Christines granddaughter Hollie since birth due to her mothers drug and alcohol misuse.

The couple have never received any financial support for looking after Hollie apart from child benefit and child tax credit. Despite the very difficult relationship with Holies mother they receive no support with managing contact.


Real Stories: Brian and Kathleen

This is the story of Brian and Kathleen who have been raising their 3 grandchildren, Sophie, Caitlan and Harry.

Their story highlights the predjudice Brian and Kathleen as older grandparents face when applying for guardianship and the heavy financial costs that are involved.