Grandparents Guide

The Grandparents Guide is a guide for all grandparents.  In times of uncertainty or worry, it will help you decide what to do or what to say, for example when:

  • you have a brand new grandson or grandaughter,
  • you are working and caring at the same time,
  • you have money worries,
  • the parents are breaking-up,
  • your teenage grandchild is being rude and disbodient,
  • you have special needs grandchildren,
  • your family is going through tough times.

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Grandparents Guide: A guide to supporting families through difficult times. This guide comprises all the sections detailed below.



A New Baby
Having a new baby is a great source of joy for a family, but it can bring real pressures too. It is hard to cope with those sleepless nights and there are added financial pressures. We know that couples are more likely to split up in the first year after a baby is born. It is a key time when new parents, particularly mothers, turn to grandparents for support.


Work, Life and Caring
These days more mums return to work after having a baby and many parents turn to grandparents for help. One in three families depend on grandparents for childcare. While some grandparents are older, most of the grandparents who provide this childcare are of working age and many have given up work to do so. Others are trying to juggle work and care.


When money is tight
Grandparents often provide financial support to their children and grandchildren and many go without themselves in order to do so. It may be to help with day-to-day costs such as childcare or regular lessons or trips for grandchildren. During the recession even more parents have been turning to grandparents for help.


When parents part
One of the most heartbreaking situations you can face is seeing your son or daughter separate from their partner and watching the family go through emotional upheaval, conflict and possibly hardship. But it’s important to recognise that you may be an important source of stability for your grandchildren and also for your son or daughter.


The teenage years
Research shows that grandparents often play a particularly active role with their teenage grandchildren. Sometimes it’s easier for teens to talk to a grandparent as they are not so close to the problem and feel they won’t get angry with them. Grandparents may be the only ones around after school when The both parents are working.


Children with a disability or special needs
Disabled children bring love and joy to a family. But parents of children with a disability or challenging behaviour may find it particularly draining  and difficult to cope, needing extra support. Grandparents often feel that  they don’t know the right thing to do so it’s important that you have some  help to deal with issues that arise.


Times of crisis
A family crisis can range from the death of a love one to dealing with the  impact of parental substance misuse and from child abuse to domestic  violence. We deal with some of those events here.



Further information and advice

List of organisations and websites which you may find helpful.