Kinship Care Reality Cheque Campaign

Tell your council to give a fairer deal to kinship carers: They’re saving councils thousands by keeping children out of care

When parents cannot bring up children it is usually grandparents or other relatives (known as kinship carers) who step in. Kinship carers are making an enormously valuable contribution. It would cost councils £40,000 every year per child if these children had to be in foster in care

There are 300,000 of these children in “kinship care”, more than four times the number in foster care. They have often suffered the same early difficulties with birth parents as children in foster care, such as abuse and neglect. Yet many kinship carers struggle on low incomes, in cramped housing and without specialist support for the children they are raising.

  • Send your local council a “Kinship Care Reality Cheque”. This represents the unpaid contribution that kinship carers make to raising vulnerable children. Enter your postcode to find the name and address you should send it to.

  • Email your council asking them to meet with kinship carers to investigate their concerns and give them better financial and practical support.
  • Throughout the autumn, kinship carers will be meeting with councillors in their area and asking them to increase the support they provide. If you would like to take part in this activity please check out this Action Guide.