The Kinship Care Guide for England, Second Edition


view onlineThe Kinship Care Guide for England is a vital resource written for grandparents and other family and friends (kinship) carers who are raising children who can not live with their parents. It is also designed to be useful for social workers and others who work with special guardians, family and friends foster carers and other kinship carers.

In this second edition we have included changes that have come into effect since the Children and Families Act 2014, for example child arrangements orders, and where new entitlements such as pupil premium funding and staying put arrangements can apply.

The guide is based on the law in England, so although many of the general issues are the same elsewhere in the UK the rights and responsibilities of kinship carers will be different.

“This is an excellent handbook for both families and professionals working with kinship carers. It is written in plain English and gives clear and helpful advice and information on all manner of topics relevant to the task of kinship care.” Val Hales, Deputy Service Manager, Fostering and Adoption, Leeds.

“The best thing I’ve ever seen for kinship carers. Every kinship carer should receive this when they start looking after a child.” Shelly James, kinship carer.

The Guide helps kinship carers to understand their rights and responsibilities, and the things they need to consider when they fave the decision of whether to step in to care for a child who is unable for whatever reason to live with their parents.

It also provides detailed guidance on

  • what the law says, and the different types of kinship care and legal orders
  • what help is available to kinship carers.

The Kinship Care Guide is based on the law in England, so although many of the general issues are the same elsewhere in the UK the rights and responsibilities of kinship carers will be different. Mentor has also published a guide for kinship carers in Scotland and this can be downloaded here.

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