Real stories

Bevs-storyBev’s Story

When Bev’s grandchildren arrived on her doorstep one day, they were devastated and traumatised. There was a history of drugs and alcohol in the family which meant that her daughter could no longer care for them and Bev now had the responsibility of bringing them up alone. Read more here.

Janes-storyJane’s Story

Jane became a kinship carer overnight when her daughter died unexpectedly. “I got a phone call from the hospital saying could I come in, she’s not stable and 15 minutes later she died in my arms.” Read more here.

Maxines-storyMaxine’s Story

When Maxine’s baby niece, Faith, was taken into care, she knew she had to rescue her. “Seeing her separated from her own family ripped my heart out.”

Like so many other kinship children, Faith had a disrupted start to life before moving in with Maxine. “She suffered more loss in her first few years than a lot of people suffer in a whole life-time – now she’s with me, she has a constant fear that if I go somewhere, I might not come back.” Read more here.