Campaign for family and friends carers

Support our campaigns to ensure that kinship carers are recognised and respected for the extremely valuable work that they do. We need to ensure that people know about kinship carers. You can raise awareness by writing to your MP or the councillor responsible for children’s services in your local area by following the links below.

Our current campaigns

Employment rights for grandparent carers

New Grandparents Plus research shows that almost half (47%) of carers who were previously working gave up their job when the child moved in.  41% are now dependent on welfare benefits, yet 83% said they wanted to stay in work. The government must stop these carers being forced out of work unnecessarily.

Email your MP calling for more rights for kinship carers to take parental leave and flexible working.


More support from local councils

Is your local council supporting kinship carers? Do they have a policy stating what support carers are entitled to? If they do have one is it clear and supportive or difficult and unhelpful? You can find out by following the link and entering your postcode!

Local councils were required by law to have published a policy on how they will treat family and friends carers by the end of September 2011. Many councils have still not done it! Click here to find out if your local council has a policy!


Call for local authorities to place children with family and friends carers wherever possible

On 29 June 2011 Grandparents Plus launched the ‘Keep Families Together’ campaign to call for local and national government to do more to support family and friends carers especially those who are over 65.

The campaign features a ground breaking video which asks you to decide whether a girl who cannot live with her parents should stay with her grandparents or be put up for adoption. Click here to find out more.

Share the video and sign the pledge!