The Early Help Model

Grandparents Plus has joined forces with 4Children, Mentor UK and the Childhood Bereavement Network to develop an exciting new project to support kinship carers. Thanks to funding from the Department for Education, the four partners will develop an Early Help Model to reach more kinship carers at an early stage, giving them access to vital information and support. The Model will include a bespoke training course for professionals who may come into contact with kinship carers, such as staff at children’s centres, plus specialist materials and the Kinship Care Guide for England.

The Early Help Model will be produced by the four partner organisations together with kinship carers, who will join the advisory group to help shape the Model and materials produced.

The Model includes:

  • Website materials
    Information to support kinship carers and the professionals who support them will be available through each of the partners’ websites with links to The Kinship Care Guide for England and advice factsheets produced by Grandparents Plus.
  • A bespoke training package for professionals
    The training package will include three short courses which will cover:

    • a session to raise awareness and understanding of the issues that kinship carers may face, plus the support and advice that could make a vital difference to their lives
    • a separate session to focus on the support and information kinship carers could need if they are caring for a child because of parental drug or alcohol misuse
    • the needs of kinship carers who are raising children following bereavement.
  • Three ‘experts by experience’ films
    These short films will feature the stories of kinship carers whose lives have been changed after they stepped in to keep the children they love in their family. The films will be shown during each of the training courses. Topics covered will include families raising young children, families who have been affected by substance misuse and families who are raising kinship children because of bereavement.

For more information please email or call 020 8981 8001.