Can you donate your time, skills and expertise to Grandparents Plus?


Grandparents Plus is looking for volunteers!  We need help with a range of tasks: from admin support to fundraising, from campaigns to events and other activities.  So why not get involved? We offer great experience, a lovely team and we will pay travel and other expenses.

If you would like to volunteer with us please send your CV with a covering email to info@grandparentsplus.org.uk with the subject heading ‘volunteer inquiry’.

We will prioritise applications from grandparents and other family and friends carers or those brought up by their wider family.


Share your story in the media


Your story could make a big difference.  Many grandparents or family and friends carers in a situation similar to yours will find comfort in knowing they are not alone. Others might come forward for help to Grandparents Plus. The Government might take more notice of the issue.

We need grandparents and family and friends carers from all areas of the UK, who would be interested in giving interviews for TV, newspapers, magazines and radio.

We want to hear from grandparents and family and friends carers who:

  • Provide a lot of childcare to enable their own children to go to work
  • Are the full-time carers of children who are not their own.

The media often approach us for suitable case studies, so we’re always looking to expand our database.

If you would like to be a Grandparents Plus case study please get in touch by emailing  info@grandparentsplus.org.uk