What people say about us

Just a few comments we received in our Grandparents Plus Support Network Survey 2013

‘Keep up the good work – it was Grandparent Plus that first provided my links with other kinship carers nationally.’
Grandma aged 53 raising grandson aged 5, Tyne and Wear

‘I have looked after my three grandchildren for 13 years with no help or very little especially from social services. It’s a pleasure to hear about Grandparents Plus and to know there are other people out there who care about us.’
Grandma aged 61 raising granddaughter aged 11, West Yorkshire

‘I have so valued your advice and support over the phone and email. Thank you. It has put me on track and I am using a solicitor you advised now.’
Grandma aged 50 raising 4 grandchildren, Nottinghamshire

‘I was shocked when I first contacted you to learn just how many children are being cared for by folk such as myself.’
Grandma aged 75 raising one teenage granddaughter, Gloucestershire.


Comments from the Grandparents Plus Support Network event held in Leeds 2013

‘The minute I started talking I felt the compassion and goodwill of the people in that room and it made me realise that kinship carers need to keep speaking out and eventually we will be heard and given the recognition we deserve. Because of Grandparents Plus, I feel valuable again.’
Kinship carer, from West Yorkshire, who spoke at the event. She is raising a granddaughter, aged 5

‘Thank you Grandparents Plus for a great, informative and stimulating day. Always impressed by the care you put into events such as these.’
Kinship carer

‘Really worthwhile and very well-presented kinship event in Leeds today. Thoroughly enjoyed it – well done Grandparents Plus.’
Kinship carer

‘Thank you so much for yesterday. I don’t feel quite as alone having met so many other people in my situation.’
Kinship carer

‘It was our first time and totally impressed.’
Kinship carer

Just some of the comments receieved after the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Network National Lobby Day, October 2010

“Brilliant day just went too quickly, only concern i would have is would the Abbey Centre be big enough next year!!  Childcare was excellent, both my kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”
Family Friend Carer

“A big thank you from everyone at the Second Generation group in Peterborough.  We had a great day.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed their activities, and it had obviously taken a lot of planning and thought to ensure that the children were entertained and cared for.”
Second Generation, Peterborough

“Would like to thank you both Sacha, Alison and all your colleagues for organising such a brilliant event.  I know from first hand experience the amount of hard work and planning that goes into such an event, and anything involving lots of children is a nightmare, in terms of organising.  But you managed to pull it off, and how!! Both my families loved it and the children had a ball.  H and D went away with lots of information that they can use, and both praised your organisation.”
Jean Woodley, Ormiston

Comments regarding Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Network newsletter ‘Grandparents First

“Your newsletter is our lifeline, not knowing anyone else in our position, it is our only contact with other people who share our new life, so thank you for sending it to us and please keep up your good work.”
Grandparent Carer

“I have just received the latest newsletter, very informative and an excellent read”
Family Friend Carer

“Thank you, i so enjoyed this issue.  You are all doing sterling work!”
Harbour Project

“Thank you for the newsletter it will be warmly received by our grandparents as always”


Comments from users of our Advice Service

“I would like to thank you for all your support throughout this ordeal. We would not have coped without your help and advice.”
Grandparent Carer

“Thank you so very much for this wonderfully clear, direct and helpful advice.  It is such a relief to hear from someone who understands the issues so clearly, and can make such helpful suggestions.”
Kinship Foster Carer

“I can’t thank you enough for all your advice, and certainly feel that you have been invaluable in your support, help, empathy and information provided.”
Grandparent Carer