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Grandparents Plus regularly recruits interns to support our policy, research and campaigning activity.  If you are interested in becoming an intern please forward your CV with a covering email explaining why you want to intern with us and email it to with the subject heading ‘intern inquiry’.

We will then get back to you if there are any opportunities available.



Can you donate your time, skills and expertise to Grandparents Plus?
Grandparents Plus is looking for volunteers!  We need help with a range of tasks: from admin support to fundraising, from campaigns to events and other activities.  So why not get involved? We offer great experience, a lovely team and we will pay travel and other expenses.

If you would like to volunteer with us but can’t see a role that suits you, please send your CV with a covering email to with the subject heading ‘volunteer inquiry’.


Current volunteer roles:


Kinship Care Champion

Suggested involvement: Minimum of 4 hours a month. Before starting the role kinship carers are required to attend a training day.

Who are Kinship Care Champions?
A Kinship Care Champion is a Grandparents Plus volunteer who is or has been a kinship carer. They play a key role in supporting the charity’s work and increasing local awareness of the vital role grandparents and the wider family play in children’s lives.
They do this in a variety of ways from starting local support groups to giving talks to organisations and schools. With support from Grandparents Plus, Champions also have the opportunity to speak to local media and host fundraising events.
Kinship Care Champions will receive training and ongoing support from the Grandparents Plus External Affairs team. Volunteers aren’t paid for their time but will be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses.
Why do we need Kinship Care Champions?
There are 200,000 kinship carers in the UK raising 300,000 children but many are struggling alone without the support and information they need.
Kinship Care Champions are vital in creating community links and raising awareness of kinship carers and the challenges they, and their children and young people, face locally and nationally. Champions will also be a point of contact for local kinship carers – signing them up to become Grandparents Plus members and signposting them to our online resources and advice line.
Who can become a Kinship Care Champion?
We need kinship carers who are dedicated and passionate and want to proactively make a difference to the lives of other kinship carers in their communities. Those who want to use their experience and knowledge by highlighting the importance of kinship care as well as promoting the work of Grandparents Plus.
What will kinship carers gain from being a Kinship Care Champion?
Public speaking training which will equip them with the necessary skills to fulfil this role as well as provide skills that can be used in other areas of their lives.

  • The satisfaction of making a difference to the lives of kinship carers and their young people.
  •  Networking skills.
  •  Opportunity to develop skills and knowledge.
  • A positive sense of wellbeing from feeling part of something and working towards a joint goal.
  •  Opportunity to influence policy and practice.
  •  Growth in confidence.

How to apply
If you are interesting in becoming a Kinship Care Champion please email Alana Genge at, providing your name and contact details as well as a short summary as to why you are interested in the role.



Share your story in the media
Your story could make a big difference.  Many grandparents or family and friends carers in a situation similar to yours will find comfort in knowing they are not alone. Others might come forward for help to Grandparents Plus. The Government might take more notice of the issue.

We need grandparents and family and friends carers from all areas of the UK, who would be interested in giving interviews for TV, newspapers, magazines and radio.

We want to hear from grandparents and family and friends carers who:

  • Provide a lot of childcare to enable their own children to go to work
  • Are the full-time carers of children who are not their own.

The media often approach us for suitable case studies, so we’re always looking to expand our database.

If you would like to be a Grandparents Plus case study please get in touch by emailing