As a grandparent how can I obtain parental responsibility for my grandchild?

Claire Colbert is a Family Law Partner at Freeths LLP. Read her expert advice on how grandparents can obtain parental responsibility.Read more

I am a kinship carer plus – so they say

'My befriender gave me the chance to offload, clear my head and talk about the people around me'. Alice Taylor shares her experience looking after her grandson, dad and ex-husband. Read her full blog here.Read more

Kinship Care Matters

Guest blog by Lucy Peake, Chief Executive at Grandparents Plus. Read more on how you can get involved and push for change with your local parliamentary candidate.Read more

Reading with children during the school holidays

Guest post by Sasha Davison, marketing manager at BuZZy Friends Productions, creators of the BuZZy Friends children’s rhyming book series written by Michael Walter for children aged 3-5+.Read more

Kinship Care-do you care?

'On reflection, my family made a great number of sacrifices for me. My 16 year old Cousin moved her bedroom into the dining room so I had a place to call my own'. Read Mathew's story on growing up in kinship care.Read more

Healthy eating habits for your grandchildren

Little Cooks Co was born out of a desire to create something that would help put cooking and eating together back at the heart of family life. Read more about Helen and co-founder Kate, who hope that their boxes will help a generation of children to lead healthier, happier lives by teaching them to enjoy cooking and eating healthy food from a young age.Read more

Family and Friends looking after children

Guest blog by Simon Dakers, a Partner at Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP. Read his expert advice on family and friends looking after children.Read more

Funding for essentials items and specialist support

The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) has grants available – ranging from £750 upwards. Find out how they support the needs of children and young people aged 0-18years.Read more

What can I expect if I am representing myself in court?

Guest blog by Sandeep Sandhu from Spratt Endicott Solicitors. Read her expert advice on what to expect if you are representing yourself in court.Read more

Let’s go back to the start

Guest blog by Vicki O’Leary, she is kinship carer and a founding member Kinfest. Read her personal story on caring for her granddaugher and its impact on the family.Read more

My letter to Warren

'Did you know there are thousands and thousands of other Nannies and Grandads who look after some of their grandchildren like we do?' Read Paul's letter to his grandson Warren.Read more

Putting the ‘Grand’ in Grandparents

'Like mental illness, kinship care is something we need to speak about.' Joshua Barlow was brought up in kinship care. Read what he has to say.Read more