Work out how you will be affected by any loss of income from employment and whether you will be eligible for any benefits or other financial support which might help to cover any loss. Consider what it might cost to provide for any child you are caring for and whether you can manage this without financial help. Parents remain responsible for maintaining their children unless they have ‘looked after’ status, but very often kinship carers do not receive any financial support from parents.

If the child is placed with you by the local authority, you may be entitled to receive a foster allowance. In other cases, you may be eligible for discretionary payments.  You can find more information about financial support in different circumstances here.  If in any doubt about the status of the arrangement, you should seek legal advice or contact our advice team. Our advice team are able to offer benefit checks and discuss what financial support is available to you. You can email the team at [email protected] or call 0300 123 7015.