From 1st February 2019, people of pension credit age who become responsible for a child or young person, will received an additional amount called ‘child addition’ within their pension credit award. You will no longer be able to make a new claim for tax credits if you are state pension age.

The basic requirements are:

  • You are ‘responsible’ for a child or qualifying young person
  • The child or qualifying person lives with you
  • You do not already have an award of (and you are not treated as having an award of) a tax credit – ie, child tax credit (CTC) or working tax credit (WTC)


A ‘child’ is a person under the age of 16, or someone aged 16 or more but under 20 and who counts as a ‘qualifying young person’. 

A ‘qualifying young person’ refers to young persons in approved training, or non-advanced education at school or college for an average of over 12 hours per week, until the September following the person’s 19th birthday. 

If the above basic requirements are satisfied, an ‘additional amount’ will be included in the calculation of your pension credit claim.

The additional amount is £53.34 for each child (or £63.84 if the child was born before 6 April 2017), increased by further amounts if the child has a disability (£29.02) or severe disability (£88.34).

You can obtain further information about Pension Credit and Child Addition via the following link:


If you have any further questions about Pension Credit and the Child Addition, please give our advice line a call on 0300 123 7015 and our advisers will be happy to help you.