We are delighted to announce that Sir James Munby has become a Patron of Grandparents Plus.

Sir James Munby was appointed a judge of the Family Division in 2000 and of the Court of Appeal in 2009. From 2009 to 2012 he was Chairman of the Law Commission and, from 2013 until his retirement in 2018, President of the Family Division. He is currently Chair of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.

Sir James is a powerful advocate in calling for an end to the unfair treatment of kinship carers. In a recent BBC report with Grandparents Plus and a speech at Coram in November 2019, he called the financial, professional and emotional support available to kinship carers “seriously inadequate…in stark comparison to the support available to foster carers and adoptive parents”.

Jayne Harrill, barrister at Four Brick Court and Chair of Trustees said: “As President of the Family Division, Sir James was at the forefront of recognising the value of kinship care and he continues to advocate for proper support for children in kinship care and their carers. We are delighted to welcome him to Grandparents Plus and look forward to working together on our ambitious agenda for kinship care.”

Sir James Munby said: ““We rightly look to place children with wider family and friends – in kinship care – when they cannot be cared for by their parents. These are vulnerable children but, too often, support for them and their carers is inadequate.

“Grandparents Plus works on the ground with kinship families, understanding their needs and developing solutions to meet them. Their distinctive and important voice in campaigning for the needs of kinship families is bringing about change on all levels – from support for individual families to much needed systemic change. I am delighted to be able to help Grandparents Plus and to add my voice to the growing call for more support for kinship families.”

Dr Lucy Peake, chief executive said: “More children are being raised by kinship carers, keeping them out of the care system, but they are struggling to get the support they need. Through our advice service and on-the-ground programmes we know all too well that they face significant financial, practical and emotional challenges. We welcome Sir James’ commitment to standing with us and the kinship care community in pushing for kinship care to be supported as a priority with the investment it needs.”