Two child limit lifted for all kinship carers

As of last week, children in kinship care no longer count towards the two child limit for tax credits, and carers who go on to have their own children will not be penalised. This decision is a victory for carers, who have campaigned alongside the Kinship Care Alliance, Child Poverty Action Group, MPs and other supporters. We’d like to say a massive thank you to all those kinship carers who supported the campaign.

'Kinship carers need to be recognised'
“There is a long way to go for kinship carers to feel recognised and appreciated for the contribution they are making. A good start would be for improved support for both children and their carers based on need rather than the legal status of their placement.”
Read kinship carer Penny's full blog on the stresses and challenges of kinship care here if you've ever felt like an 'invisible parent'.
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