Financial issues

Making ends meet as a grandparent raising a grandchild can be a challenge, but there is help available. Read more


Raising a disabled child can bring love and delight to a family. But having a disabled child in the family can also have a huge impact on family life. Your family may need support to take part in normal daily activities.  This section provides information on different sources of advice and support. Read more


When you take on the care of a child, it can be difficult to balance all the different demands on your time. Before you make any decisions about work, it’s important that you’re aware of the different options that might be open to you. Read more


Housing issues can be a barrier when families are considering whether to take on the responsibilities of caring for a relative’s or friend’s child. New caring responsibilities may cause your housing to become overcrowded, less affordable or unsuitable in some other way. Read more

Emotional support

Whether you’re a kinship carer or a grandparent providing support, you may be facing many difficult issues. It's important to look after yourself as well as everyone else. Read more


When a child comes to live with you, one of the first things you may have to think about is their education.  This may mean finding a nursery or school, or supporting them to continue their education in their current school. Read more

Childcare for kinship carers

If you are the full-time carer for a child, you may be looking for regular childcare to enable you to work, or you may want a break from caring from time to time. Have a look at some of your options here. Read more