Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or have never taken part in a campaign before, we hope this will help you get started for this year's general election.

Your story

There may be times that you’re asked to tell your story. Think through what you do and do not want to share, and stick to this. It is always OK to say that you’d rather not answer a certain question. See our guide about how to answer difficult questions.

Your story is a powerful way to get people to understand the challenges kinship carers face. As a campaigner you will be representing all kinship carers - make sure you’re familiar with our vision for kinship care so that you can speak confidently about the changes we want to bring about.

Campaigning with friends

If you can, find like-minded people and work together. This can keep motivation and momentum up, spread awareness more widely, and help make your campaigning more creative and fun.

Managing expectations

  • Be realistic about change – the lead up to a General Election is a very busy period with many claims on candidates’ time and attention. Celebrate the smaller achievements, for example a conversation with a candidate or raising awareness of our vision for kinship care at a public meeting
  • Be realistic about the amount of time you have to campaign – while it’s great to stretch and challenge yourself you might want to start with small steps and build up your levels of activity.

Stay in touch

We love hearing about what you get up to. Once you’ve started campaigning please stay in touch with us so that we can keep track of what’s happening and where. Hearing from you also means that we learn what is and isn’t working, and we can share that information with other campaigners. If you need more help or want to get in touch, please speak to your support group or contact [email protected]