What are the Kinship Care Celebration Days?

Celebration days are an opportunity for kinship carers and children to get together, share experiences, and have a fun day out with the kids.

Who can come to the celebration days?

The celebration day is an event specifically for kinship carers and kinship care children who are part of our network (join here if you are not yet a member). We have a limited number of tickets, so we ask that you don’t include the wider family. However, if you have other dependent children at home, they are welcome to come to the celebration day. 

When are the celebration days?

This year, they will be taking place on Saturday 5 October, 10am-5pm.

Where are they?

We are holding five events across the country. There will be celebrations at:

  • Gulliver’s World, Warrington
  • Gulliver’s Land, Milton Keynes
  • The Horniman Museum, London
  • The Great North Museum, Newcastle
  • National Science and Media Museum, Bradford

You can book places at the location that is best for you. Please note that we limit tickets to Gulliver's World and Gulliver's Land as we have limited funding for the celebration days. 

Why have you chosen these locations?

We have consulted with kinship care support groups and our projects workers to come up with the best locations and venues. Some feedback from last year was the Gulliver’s wasn’t right for everyone, so we have tried to offer a wider range of activities, and hope that kinship families will enjoy their day out.

How much do tickets for the celebration day cost?

Tickets to the celebration day are free.

If you are booking tickets for Gulliver's, you will be asked to pay a deposit of £5 per adult. The deposit is to make sure that all booked places are used, as we have had high numbers of people who don't turn up in the past. We hate the thought of someone missing out on a ticket and place at the celebration day going to waste. After the celebration day, if you have attended, the money will be refunded to you.

If you are booking tickets for the Horniman Museum, the National Science and Media Museum and the Great North Museum, you will not need to pay a deposit. If you are no longer able to attend please do let us know as our expected numbers will impact upon staffing costs. 

If you book a space and are no longer able to come, please let us know as soon as possible so we can release your tickets to another kinship family. Please let us know no later than Monday 1 October to receive a refund of your deposit. If you fail to use your booking we will be unable to return your deposit.

The celebration days are kindly funded by the Family Holiday Association.

How can I book my tickets?

Tickets for the celebration day will be available to book on Monday 22 July at 1.00pm. You must be a member of the kinship care network to book a place. Click on the links above to be redirected to the booking pages.  You will need to know how many adults and children you are booking for, and have a debit/credit card ready to pay your deposit.

How many tickets can I book?

You can book a maximum of six tickets per family. Each booking must have one adult ticket, so you can book tickets for 1 adult + 5 children, or 2 adults + 4 children. This limit is to ensure that everybody who would like to attend is able to. You will be asked to pay a deposit of £5 per adult ticket. The deposit will be refunded to you after you have attended the celebration day.

If you have more than four or 5 kinship or dependent children at home, please book your tickets as normal, and call us on 020 8709 8180 to add additional tickets to your booking.

Why do I have to pay a deposit for a free event?

We ask kinship carers to pay a £5 deposit for each adult ticket they book because, in previous years, we have had high numbers of people who have not shown up on the day. This meant that tickets, and money, were wasted and kinship families who were on the waiting list missed out on the opportunity to come along.

When will I get my deposit back?

If you come to the celebration day, make sure you register with a member of the Grandparents Plus team. If are registered we will refund your deposit on Monday 7 October.

What if I can no longer come?

If you have booked places but are no longer able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can release your tickets to another kinship family. Please let us know no later than Monday 1 October to receive a refund of your deposit.

Contact us on 020 8709 8180 or [email protected] to cancel.

Can I come with my kinship carers support group?

Yes, you’re welcome to come as part of a larger group, but you will be need to book tickets separately for each family. 

What is included in the ticket?

The ticket will give you access to the attraction you have chosen. The ticket does not include transport or any food or drink, although we may provide cakes on the day. 

Will there be a chance to meet the Grandparents Plus team?

Yes! There will be members of staff and volunteers at each venue. They will be helping with things like registration, getting everyone together for lunch, and any other queries you have on the day. We’d love to meet you, so please come and say hello.