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Our support package available for commissioning - Kinship Connected (an updated version of Relative Experience offered in the North East) offers a tried and tested model to help you meet your requirements to the Family and Friend Care: statutory guidance for local authorities.

To date it has been commissioned by 15 local authorities to deliver high quality, tailored and competitive support, and has been proven to meet the complex and ongoing needs of kinship care families.

It includes:

  • Intensive one-to-one family support from experienced project workers
  • peer to peer support group development and management

Kinship Connected helps kinship carers develop long-term supportive networks which results in a more stable and supportive environment in which the children in their care can thrive.

Our experienced project workers – all kinship carers themselves - are embedded in local communities. They guide kinship care communities to becoming self-sufficient by setting up and training volunteer support group leaders and helping them to promote their groups locally.

Kinship carers tell us how invaluable the support is from our project workers. Without their steady, ongoing guidance, support and motivation, as well as intervention during turbulent times, many carers would struggle and support groups would find it difficult to continue.

In addition, all special guardians and other kinship carers can use our:

FREE independent advice service – open to all kinship carers

In addition to our commissioned services, all kinship carers can access our free, specialist advice service – online, via email or over the phone. Our experienced, independent advice workers help over 2,000 kinship carers each year, often at the point when they first become kinship carers, helping them to navigate difficult choices about a range of subjects like legal orders, benefits and housing, that will affect them and the children in their care for the rest of their lives. 

FREE national online community of kinship carers

All kinship carers can also join our free national supportive online community where they can keep abreast of the issues around kinship care, contribute to our surveys and campaigns to make their voices heard, discuss issues that affect them, share tips, advice and as well as hear about discounts, local events, family days out that we can provide for them.

For more information about commissioning Kinship Connected for your own local authority, please complete this short form and we will contact you.