Kinship Care Week is the perfect time to raise awareness of kinship care in your local authority. We’ve already heard from lots of local authorities about their ideas for Kinship Care Week, and we’ve put together some ways that you can get involved:

Thank your carers

Bromley have been doing lots of work to thank kinship carers, including hosting an afternoon tea during last year's Kinship Care Week. They are also now offering a Max card to all special guardians. 

Raise awareness

Kinship care is not as well-known as foster care or adoption, yet more children are being placed in kinship care than ever before. Can you display this poster around your office? Is there a way to raise awareness at management level about kinship care, perhaps by hosting a lunch & learn? 

Share your best practice

We are always on the lookout for new research or initiatives that we can share with our active network of over 5,500 kinship carers and professionals. Email [email protected] if you would like us to feature your work and/or your plans for Kinship Care Week. 

Support us on social media

Get posting on social media to show your support, using #kinshipcareweek and tagging us on Twitter (@GPlusinfo) and Facebook (Grandparentsplusinfo)

  1. Take a selfie with our Kinship Care Week selfie frame and share it on your social media pages
  2. During Kinship Care Week, we’ll also be publishing our survey of over 1,100 kinship carers in England and Wales, speaking to MPs, and raising awareness of kinship care. Stay tuned to our social media pages to find out more and spread the word.
  3. Let people know what kinship care means by sharing our definition (right-click the image and save it to your computer before uploading to Twitter and Facebook):

Suggested Tweets:

"Kinship carers play an important role in keeping families together and caring for children. Find out more #kinshipcareweek @GPlusinfo"

"Kinship carers play an important role in caring for children. We'd like to say thank you to all the kinship carers in our local authority who are keeping families together. Find out more #kinshipcareweek @GPlusinfo"