2019 has been an exciting year. We’ve seen an increase in awareness around kinship care, with headlines across national and regional media calling for change. MPs have started to sit up and take notice of kinship families - we welcomed some to support groups during Kinship Care Week and many candidates pledged to support kinship families during the general election.

However, change is still urgently needed and until this happens we will continue supporting all kinship carers, no matter their situation. We’ve been working with pioneering local authorities who can see that it makes sense to invest in kinship care. Our advice team have continued to support ever increasing numbers of carers and our project workers on the ground have been busy providing vital one-to-one family support and developing support groups across the country.

We’ve launched new programmes, we’ve got more volunteers, new funders have joined us who are committed to supporting kinship families, we’ve increased our campaigning and media work and we will continue all of this and more in 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this year. We’re looking forward to 2020 and all of the new opportunities it will bring.