Over Christmas we welcomed the news that the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) had received £12million in additional funding. Since it was opened to special guardians of previously looked after children in April, many kinship carers have been able to access training or therapeutic support for their children. 

Children growing up in kinship care have often experienced early trauma and can really benefit from the type of support the Adoption Support Fund can pay for. 

We spoke to kinship carer Rochelle, who wanted to apply to the ASF to access art therapy for her granddaughter 

Once I knew she needed counselling, I knew I had to apply.

Rochelle and her granddaughter met the eligibility criteria and she found the applications process straightforward: 

It was really easy – my social worker applied for it. I asked for help and they did all the paperwork.

Rochelle’s granddaughter has been in therapy for over a year now and is making progress, with the tools and time to address her experiences and complex needs. Rochelle says she can really see the benefits, “she’s doing much better than if she couldn’t get the counselling.” 

The extra funding will ensure that many more families, like Rochelle and her granddaughter, will have the chance to access the support they need. 

To find out more or see if you might be eligible to apply click here.