Grandparents Plus is pleased to have contributed to, and warmly welcomes the Joint Committee on Human Rights Report, Right to family life: Children whose mothers are in prison.

There is little support for those caring for children whose mothers are in prison. Families affected by imprisonment have to cope throughout the course of arrest, trial, imprisonment and release. Members of the extended family often step in to look after children at very short notice where a custodial sentence isn’t expected. Many are left with no help at all.  

It is great to see the Committee’s recommendation that kinship carers who take on the care of children when their mothers go to prison should be entitled to financial and practical support including an allowance to cover the costs of raising a child.

Grandparents Plus believe that due to the stigma and difficulty in engaging these kinship carers, much more investment needs to be made in creating partnerships with third sector organisations and local authority services so that it becomes an immediate and natural response to identify and offer kinship carers support.