Have your say in 2018

Whether you’re new to kinship care, or have been looking after a friend or relative’s child for a number of years, we want to hear from you.

We’ve launched our yearly State of the Nation Survey to give us a better picture of what it’s like to be a kinship carer in 2018, and to gather evidence of where more support and understanding is needed of kinship care.

Take the survey

What's included

The survey will cover your children, your health and wellbeing, your finances, and your support. If you've done the survey for us in the past, you might recognise some of the questions; this allows us to keep track of any changes or improvements. Please fill out this year's survey, even if not much has changed for you since doing the last one.

You can help make a difference

Last year over 650 people completed our survey on kinship care. Not only did the results inform our work to help us better support kinship carers, but they made headlines in newspapers, TV and radio, and allowed us to make a series of recommendations for policy and practice. We'll carefully analyse your results to make sure that we continue to put the experiences and voices of kinship carers at the centre of what we do.

How we'll use what you tell us

All of you details will be kept confidential, and stored securely. We'll just use what you tell us to help improve support for kinship carers.

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