Anna* was approached by Children’s Services and was asked to take on the care of her young grandchild due to difficult circumstances at home.

Anna took her in, but was worried she would have to stop working. Both her and her husband worked fulltime, and they’d been told they wouldn’t be entitled to any financial support. This would mean they wouldn’t be able to afford childcare, and Anna was worried they’d be plunged into financial difficulties.

Anna called our advice team, who advised her she had a right to be assessed and paid as a foster carer. As a result, Anna didn’t have to stop work and could afford to pay nursery fees. In addition to being better off by £10,400 per year, she also received a backdated sum on £2,400, which really helped with other additional costs.

*not her real name

Anna’s story is not unique. If you are a kinship carer, or know a kinship carer who needs advice, please get in touch. Alternatively if you are in a position to support our work, please donate here.

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