Reading with children during the school holidays

We understand that grandparents play an active role in childcare during the school holidays, and when trying to decide on activities to keep your grandchildren entertained, it is always nice to find something that they will enjoy which also benefits their education.

Reading books is the perfect example of this, as not only does it improve their literacy skills, it also keeps them engaged, and gives you some much-loved quality time with them if they are young enough to require some help.

However, encouraging children to read when they consider it to be school work can be a challenge, so we’ve put together some tips for making it a pleasurable activity for them.

Five reading tips during the school holidays

  • Providing your grandchildren with space to read is an important step in encouraging them to do so. Try creating a comfortable reading nook for them in a bedroom or living room with plenty of blankets and snacks. Or make a reading den in the garden if the weather permits.

  • Being able to choose their own books really encourages children to get reading, so take a trip to the local bookshop or library and let them decide on what they want to read, as suggesting books to them can make reading them feel like a chore.

  • It doesn’t have to be books that children read over the holidays, a magazine or comic is just as beneficial, and may also include extra activities to keep them occupied and engage their brain in their time away from school.

  • Encouraging your older children to read to their younger siblings or cousins is a great way to make them feel grown-up, and gives them the opportunity to share stories and have a lovely bonding experience.

  • Add a competitive edge to reading during the school holidays by offering small prizes for the number of pages, or books, read in a given time. Some libraries also hold their own reading challenges over the holidays so it might be worth investigating this too.

By following these tips you can ensure that your grandchildren spend at least some of their school holiday reading, and hopefully learning that reading books is a fun and worthwhile hobby too.