On Friday 9 November Audrey Barrow, one of our volunteers, went to the Southwark Stars Volunteer Awards which were held at the Tate Modern by Community Southwark. She was joined by our Volunteer Development Manager, Kishma Smithurst.

The Southwark Stars Awards are a way of celebrating the contribution of volunteers across the borough of Southwark. Each charity could nominate two volunteers who have given 100 hours or more as a volunteer, as well as celebrating the Volunteer Coordinator of the Year, Charity of the Year and Older Volunteer of the Year.

We are lucky to have volunteers across the country who regularly dedicate their time to support groups and raising awareness. However the nominations were only open to volunteers who carried out their volunteering in the London borough of Southwark, so we nominated volunteers based in our Grandparents Plus Head Office.

The two volunteers that were nominated were Sue Doran, our Admin Volunteer, and Audrey Barrow, one of our grants volunteers.

Sue spends four hours a week at our office supporting the Advice Service. Her main responsibility is to send out surveys to kinship carers who have received a call from the advice service. This allows us to monitor how well we are doing and make sure that kinship carers are happy with the service that they receive. As well as getting important feedback from kinship carers, Sue’s role means that our advisors are able to focus on helping more kinship carers because they know that the surveys are safe with Sue.

As a grants volunteer, Audrey spends three and a half hours in the office each week making applications on behalf of kinship carers all across the country. You can read more about Audrey in her own words, here.

Sue was unable to attend the awards ceremony but Audrey came to receive her certificate alongside other volunteers who had also committed over 100 hours to a charity in the last year. It was great to see a number of charities represented and hear from volunteers themselves how much the awards meant to them on a personal level.

As an organisation, we cannot say enough how grateful we are to all of our volunteers and everyone who contributes to the work that we do. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to nominate Sue and Audrey so that their contribution can be recognised publicly and we will continue to find ways to reward and recognise all of our volunteers.

Congratulations to Sue and Audrey!

Do you know of any volunteer awards local to you? Is there anyone that you would like to nominate as an exceptional volunteer? Please contact our Volunteer Development Manager Kishma Smithurst on 020 87098184 or [email protected]