At the end of 2019 we asked if you had any ideas – big and small - for additional things that we can do in the future. Lots of you responded and we’ve been looking into what we can do.

More information for different types of kinship carers

You asked for tailored information for kinship carers who are friends not family and who are non-permanent carers. We’ve heard you, and we’re busy behind the scenes looking at our website to make sure it works for all kinship carers, including developing new advice pages. It might take a while but over the next year we’re aiming to make some big changes to the site so that it’s better for everyone.

Raising awareness of kinship care

There were some great ideas for how we can raise awareness of kinship care and our work. We will be looking at our awareness raising strategy, particularly in areas where we have support groups so that more people know about them.

We will also continue to work with local and national media to raise awareness of kinship care. If you have any contacts for local radio and newspapers let us know – [email protected]

More for young people

We heard from lots of you that you want more for children in kinship care and their siblings. We will take some of the ideas to our digital hub project to see if we can connect young people digitally. We’re also looking at how we can make sure our events have something for children of all ages where possible. For example, our pilot programme in Teesside, Kinship Active, are trying to set up activities for teenagers and we’re considering how to make our celebration days relevant to all young people.

A conference for kinship carers

We would absolutely love to run a conference for kinship carers. This is an idea that may take a long time to develop, as we would need to find significant funding for it. However that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at some point in the future.

A map showing where support groups are, and to connect groups more

We will be making some changes to our website in the next few months that should mean we can get a good map of support groups for you.

We will also test the potential of digital to bring kinship carers together, whether that’s connecting groups through Skype at events, or as part of our digital hub project.

Support for kinship carers to have a louder voice

We will continue to increase our campaigning work in 2020, and we heard from lots of you that you would like more support groups, and more rights. Our main campaign will continue to push for a Kinship Care Act so that kinship care is recognised in law and kinship families have more rights. We will be calling for more support groups, both through our campaigning work and by partnering with local authorities to get new groups up and running.