Grandparents Plus was founded in 2002 by Jean Stogdon (1928 – 2014) and social entrepreneur Michael Young (1915 – 2002), who also founded the Open University.  “My last and possibly my best…” he said of Grandparents Plus.

Jean StogdonDuring her career in social work, Jean became a passionate advocate for the role of the wider family when children were unable to live with their parents.  Despite the 1989 Children's Act requiring local authorities to explore possible placements with the wider family, she saw the speed with which children were placed in care homes or put up for adoption.  After her retirement she devoted her time to raising awareness of kinship care and having joined Michael Young's School for Social Entrepreneurs at the age of 70, started Grandparents Plus alongside him to campaign for the role of the wider family in children's lives.  She was awarded an OBE in 2013 for her services to children and families.

Since then, Grandparents Plus has continued to grow and evolve, developing services for the wider family raising children, as well as continuing to campaign for better recognition of kinship care.  In 2015, the organisation merged with the Grandparents Association, becoming the only grandparents charity in England and Wales.

We believe that grandparents are already at the heart of families across the country, and that better recognition of the many roles they play in helping children to thrive is crucial to building strong, resilient family units.  We believe children who can't live with their parents can benefit from secure, loving homes provided by grandparents and family members, but that carers shouldn't be forced to go it alone.